Meyer Werft Papenburg


WORLD DREAM 世界夢號 highlights river Ems conveyance

n September 17th 2017 the spectacular river Ems conveyance of the WORLD DREAM 世界夢號 took place from shipyard MEYER WERFT in Papenburg (Germany) to the North Sea. At about 10am it was going to take the ropes from the shipyard pier of MEYER WERFT.

This video shows in 85 scenes highlights from the conveyance of the WORLD DREAM from the MEYER WERFT in Papenburg until the arrival at the river Ems barrier in Gandersum around 10pm. The WORLD DREAM 世界夢號 from DREAM CRUISES 星夢郵輪 is currently with its sister ship GENTING DREAM 雲頂夢號 the only cruise ship in the world to have a LED light system on the backboard and on the starboard side, with its pictures and letterings can be generated.

During the spectacular river Ems conveyance on September 17th 2017 beautiful illuminations were shown, some of which are shown here at the end of the video. The letter, which runs at minute 5:38 , reads in german words 'Besten Dank Bernard'.

It means 'Best thanks Bernard'. This is Bernard Meyer, head of the shipyard MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, which has built the WORLD DREAM. The WORLD DREAM is to be handed over at the end of October 2017 by shipyard MEYER WERFT to the cruise line DREAM CRUISES 星夢郵輪, a company of the large group GENTING HONG KONG.